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                               MEANING OF KOSHITANTAN

Hello, we're Jidoriya KOSHITANTAN!

We will introduce Jidoriya KOSHITANTAN and how to enjoy it here.


Our restaurant serves chicken and vegetable dishes centered on the unique charcoal grilling method of Japan.

However, there are many other menus where you can enjoy the diner.

Charcoal-grilled dishes with amazing chef skills

Owner-chef Yamashita grills slowly or quickly with increased heat to bring out the flavor of the ingredients.

●A bite-size Chicken Steak

jidori no sumibiyaki 



●Char-grilled Duck

The juiciness and taste of the duck will surprise you.


●Char-grilled For Various parts of Chicken 

Each part of the chicken has a different taste, and you will discover something new.

Fresh vegetables are prepared in a variety of cooking methods.

One of the features is that there are many vegetable dishes.

You can enjoy the unique flavor of the vegetables, such as salads, charcoal grills, and fried dishes.



With Soy sauce&Yam Dressing

●Spinach Salad

With Walnut and Sesame Dressing

●Japanese Radish and Cucumber Salad

With Sesame Seed Oil and Soy Sauce Based Dressing


Char-Grilled Vegetables

The individuality of the vegetables is brought out by the charcoal grill.

Okra, paprika, shiitake mushrooms, etc.


Other vegetable dishes

●Deep-fried Eggplant

Kyoko's recommended dish.


It is one of the home-cooked meals of the old Japan.

●Deep-fried Maitake Mushrooms

We are a restaurant that cherishes the homely atmosphere unique to Japan.

For example, the chopstick rest in the photo is one of the things we want you to enjoy your meal time.

Japan's chopstick rests are one of the traditional cultures, but they are as cute as miniatures and have been passed down to the present day.

These are found by Kyoko, the hall manager, on her travels.

KOSHITANTAN is a restaurant started in 2009 by the owner-chef Yamashita and the  Kyoko.


Although it is a restaurant in Shibuya, the service style of old Japan is used here.

Rather than saying that we are providing this kind of service, we want you to feel comfortable.

Koshitantan information

How to make a reservation

KOSHITANTAN is a small restaurant.

Reservations are made by phone only, but the Japanese staff is there.

However, international customers can also be contacted via Instagram DM.



・Number of people

・ Name in English

*Messages can be sent in either Japanese or English.

*Instagram clicks can be found below.



・ We do not accept reservations on the day.

・Reservations cannot be made at lunchtime.

・Reservation time is until 8 p.m.

・ If you do not come after 15 minutes from the reservation time, it will be canceled.

* If you are late, please send a message to Instagram DM.

Please confirm.

・Lunch time

Cash only

The store closes at 2 p.m., but closes when it is out of stock.

It is recommended to arrive by 13 o'clock.


Dinner Time

・You can pay by cash or credit card.

・On weekdays, we are available until 20:30, and on weekends and holidays, we are available until 20:00.